Call for Abstracts

Promoting sustainability and community while protecting fragile karst ecosystems.

Want to share your research, program highlights, insights, and your enthusiasm for caves and karst?  We look forward to getting an abstract or proposal from you!  To submit an abstract for poster presentation, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Learn about our results-focused conference framework.

Meetings must provide value to attendees and their sponsoring organizations. This meeting is designed to deliver take-home benefits.  The process begins with you: when you submit a proposal, we ask you to be specific about what your session or presentation is trying to achieve, and what benefits attendees can expect to take home with them.

You can submit abstracts/proposals in five categories:  Paper (Oral Presentation), Poster, Flash-talk, Workshop, and/or Business Meeting.

Papers are 20-minute oral presentations (15 minutes for presentation and questions), usually (but not necessarily) accompanied by PowerPoint slides. PowerPoint presentations should be created with a Standard aspect ratio of 4:3. If accepted for presentation. Papers are grouped together by the Planning Committee according to topic to make up a session. Technical sessions will be held on Tuesday, May 19, 2020.

Posters are graphically oriented presentations that may be displayed horizontally or vertically. Maximum dimensions of poster boards are 48 inches wide and 72 inches tall, please design your poster accordingly.  The Poster Session/Reception will take place on Tuesday evening at the the Kentucky Museum.

*Please note that you can have your poster printed at the meeting venue if you prefer. You must contact the WKU Print Center prior to the meeting and then pay with credit card or cash at time of pick-up. The WKU Print Center is in the same building as our meeting making pick-up simple. One note is that one dimension of the poster cannot exceed 42″ (107 cm).  Typical poster size is 36″ (91cm) X 48″ (122cm) and costs approximately $75 USD.

Workshops are 1.5-hour blocks of time that you organize in order to achieve a specific outcome.  Workshop sessions will take place on Thursday, May 21, 2020.  As these are intended for small groups, rooms that seat 40 or less people will be assigned. Find more information about organizing your workshop here.

Business Meetings focus exclusively on programmatic or other business-oriented discussions.   Because Business Meetings are intended to be for smaller groups, they will be assigned to rooms that seat no more than 30 people.

Step 2: Learn about how the Conference Committee selects proposals and puts together the conference program.

The meeting is organized by a Committee convened by WKU, GWS, and the MCABR. The Committee organizes plenary sessions, but all the remaining conference sessions, are drawn from proposals you submit.  Selection is based on several factors:

  • First and foremost, the quality of the proposal, in terms of both content and presentation.
  • Whether the proposal will deliver the outcome being proposed.
  • The goal of including a wide range of interests and disciplines in the overall conference program.
  • The goal of representing the philosophy of the overall conference program.
  • The need to make concurrent sessions internally coherent.

The Conference Committee discourages proposals for workshop sessions that focus on a single park, biosphere reserve, world heritage site, etc. unless the proposal explicitly describes how the information presented will be relevant to other areas.

Step 3: Decide which format best suits your needs; then, review guidelines and instructions and submit your proposal. 

Abstract submission has closed.