Poster Gallery

Wednesday, August 19, 2020 

Flash-talk/Poster Session  8:00-9:30 AM (CDT)

Environmental Monitoring in Skocjan Caves, Slovenia – Borut Peric and Franci Gabrovsek 

Complexity and Fragility of Apulian Groundwater Resources – Isabella Serena Liso

Establishing a Geopark in the Alta Murgia (Apulia, southern Italy) – Mario Parise

Clean up the Dark: Karst and Cave Conservation Initiative of the Italian Speleological Society (SSI) – Rosario Ruggieri

Skocjan Cave – The Cave and Paths of its Explorers. Reflection of Speleology in Classical Karst (Film) – Tomaz Zorman

The Economic Value of Florida’s Groundwater – Philip van Beynen

Investigating Geologic Controls of Western Pennyroyal Karst Region, Kentucky – Nahid Gani

In-cave Dye Tracing in Great Onyx Cave, Mammoth Cave National Park – Jessica Williams

Geotourism and Local Development in NP Slovak Karst: Behaviour Survey of Local People, Tourists, and Experts – Alena Gessert